7th IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention (IAS 2013)


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'Never testing for HIV' among men who have sex with men in Vietnam: results from an internet-based survey

M.C. Garcia1, Q.L. Duong2, S.B. Meyer1, P.R. Ward1

1Flinders University of South Australia, Public Health, Dulles, United States, 2Independent Consultant, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Background: Men who have sex with men in Vietnam have been under-studied as a high-risk group for HIV infection, and this population's rate and determinants of HIV testing have not been comprehensively investigated.
Methods: An Internet-based cross-sectional study of self-reported sexual and health seeking behaviours was conducted between August and October 2011 with 2077 Vietnamese men who had sex with men in the last 12 months. Logistic regression analyses were conducted to assess the demographic characteristics and behaviours predicting never testing for HIV.
Results: A total of 76.5% of men who have sex with men who were surveyed reported never having been voluntarily tested for HIV. Predictors of never being tested included having a monthly income less than VND 5 Million, being a student, not using the Internet more than 15 hour per week, and not participating in a behavioural HIV intervention.

Prevalence of HIV testing among MSM surveyed
[Prevalence of HIV testing among MSM surveyed]

Independent variableTotal n (%)Multivariate adjusted OR (95% CI)
Having a monthly income less than 5 million VND1,409/2,044 (68.9%)1.99 (1.22-3.23)
Being a student905/2,056 (44.0%)1.88 (1.09-3.24)
Not using the Internet more than 15 hours per week (i.e. using the Internet less than 15 hours/week)998/2,057 (48.5%)0.61 (0.40-0.92)
Never having participated in a behavioural HIV intervention313/1,211 (25.8%)0.56 (0.35-0.88)
[Factors associated with never testing for HIV]

Conclusion: Never testing for HIV is common among men who have sex with men in Vietnam. Given the dangerously high prevalence of this high-risk behaviour, our findings underscore the urgent need for segmented and targeted HIV prevention, care and treatment strategies, focusing on drastically reducing the number of men who have sex with men never testing for HIV in Vietnam.

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